Chef Profile


In1996, worked in a restaurant led by Chef Vittorio Fusari in Iseo, Italy and mastered Italian cuisine. Mastered other local cuisines in various places including in El Bulli in Spain.
In2001, back to Japan to start a restaurant project
In2002, served as executive chef in Villa di Mangia Pesce, Clematis no Oka, Mishima
In2009, served as executive chef in Ristorante Primavera, Clematis no Oka, Mishima
In2019, served as executive chef in Tanta Roba, Museo Gotemba
In2020, led renovation and served as executive chef in Sakurakagami

Private room

Private room charge: ¥6,600 (
Maximum Occupancy: 8
Preschool children only served in private room
Located on the 2nd floor, go up/down spiral staircase.
If you need assistance, please let us know.

Outside seat

Depends on the weather. Walk-in only.
If interested, please call on the day of your visit.


Two months in advance


PRANZO 11:30 ~13:30(LO)
CENA 17:30~19:30(LO)


Wednesday, Tuesday Dinner time. Please see our HP for our business days.

Reservations, Inquiry

TEL : 0550-70-6255