Ristorante Sakurakagami is located in Gotemba, at the foot of Mt. Fuji and not that far from metropolitan area.

Sakurakagami is originally a rose variety and its petal is subtle shades of pink.

Translucent, beautiful color is a gift from nature. That is why we've chosen this name.

Situated between mountains, our restaurant has a large garden filled with serenity and crispy air.

Cuisine at its finest will be served with genuine hospitality.


Japan is long from north to south, surrounded by sea.
We have four seasons and each season has a reason to enjoy, fresh seasonal ingredient.

Our cuisine is based on orthodox Italian, which brings the best of each seasonality on the plate.
Enjoy the bursting flavor of each season, this is our philosophy, too.
To find right timing and recipe for every one of them isn't that easy.


Ingredients are carefully selected for its safety and wholesomeness.

Spring water from Mt Fuji, for one.
This is one of the reasons why we have chosen this place. Fresh water from the mountain is also our delicacy.

We believe in "local production, local consumption".
But at the same time in Japan, each region has its own unique ingredients.

We spare no effort to get the best, even the producers are far from Go Temba.
Their stories are also our inspirations.

Time in Sakurakagami

Sakurakagami sits between mountains, facing Mt. Fuji.
Leaving your hectic days behind, you come to enjoy special moment.

Spectacular view of such beautiful mountain adds special flavor to our plates.
Sunlight, greens, breeze, everything here is pleasant and makes you happy and relaxed.